How Your Support Team works

Wouldn’t it be great to have a team of people in your office working on all of the business stuff like paper work, invoicing and managing finances. What about having mentorship and ongoing support for technical questions and tricks for overcoming objections? As a Color Theory Consultant, the design is all in your hands but the business stuff can be left to us. Read more below to learn about your support team.


Color theory coaches

Our coaches are highly qualified business leaders that work directly with our Color Theory Consultants to craft a plan for short term and long term growth. You'll also have coaching calls over the computer and phone to help with things like networking strategies, sales methods, connecting with vendors, finances and software use.


Marketing Team

Our marketing team is comprised of web/graphic designers, content writers and marketing strategists that help develop national and regional campaigns for you to have inbound leads coming to your phone and inbox.

That means you get to focus more of your time and energy to working with your clients (i.e. making money)!

Finance team

Keeping your cashflow consistent and on budget is one of the hardest part for people attempting to run their own business.

Working with a Cashflow Planner will help you manage cash so you are able to live comfortably and with confidence on a commission based income.