ColorBook is the administrative, tech and marketing team of the Color Theory Craftsman Painter licensing company. ColorBook was established and created as a way to improve the backend support to our Color Theory Consultants and Craftsman Painters. 

Our Mission

ColorBook’s one goal is to put the provider and the customer together in the most seamless way possible. To do that, we'll provide all of the tools and resources to help providers focus on customer service and building their team. By providing marketing, training and 1-on-1 coaching our Color Theory Consultants will be able to scale their businesses fast and steady. 


Color Theory's vision is to be the total picture for color in the home across the nation. Through ColorBook, Color Theory will be able to expand geographically by empowering our members to license our powerful brand and utilize our cutting edge systems and technology. We are creating a wide network of consultants and craftsmen to conceptualize, build and sell the best painting services in the country; while providing the best support for our consultants and craftsmen through coaching and mentorship.

Our Story

ColorBook started as the training resource for our team members at our first location in Bloomington, IN and has now evolved into a marketing and administrative company and a tech start-up. At our team meetings, CEO Torlando Hakes, wanted to coach his entire team on the ins and outs of the business so that as they grew, every team member would have the foreknowledge of what the other side of the business looked like. He believed that if you created a company where the owner is on top and everyone else is in a dead end role that you'd get employees that acted like they were in a dead end job. He realized the only way to get his team to act like owners was to give them the opportunity to become owners. That meant taking everything he knew about the industry and developing it into a program that could be taught to others and replicated.

Once he had the bones of the program, he hired an MBA intern to help solidify the concept and flesh out the details of the program to make sure it was a viable program. From there, he decided if he could package it into a "business-in-a-box" that he could expand quicker and give people who love the industry the opportunity to build their own business, but in a much easier and streamlined way.

With the program in its infancy we are eager to find Entrepreneurs, Designers, Craftsmen and Artists who share in our mission to help people love their home. Connect is more than just another lead generation site or social platform to bring you more exposure. It's a business and brand that you take ownership in, you build and you make your own. With that, you get the support you need to build a business the right way and mitigate the risks of entrepreneurship. 

Make your own story

A Message from the CEO

Hi, I'm Torlando Hakes, when I started my first Color Theory business it was right in the thick of the Great Recession, all I had was a satchel full of paint tools and a bicycle to get around. I kept my supplies on the kitchen floor of a small apartment I rented above a soup restaurant. The winters were brutal and the summers were exhausting. It was truly feast or famine. For the first several years it was just me, trying to figure things out on my own.

At the time, I was also working on my schooling getting an art degree from Indiana University. One of my clients asked my opinion on colors. I gave them some thoughts and the scheme turned out great. They loved it and said, "you know Torlando, you should really charge people for this". So that's what I did and it became our hook. Offering color consultation and donning the name Color Theory changed things in my business. The level of trust clients had with me in their home grew and grew. Over time we added people on and the winter time started to pick up.

Then one day I was up 15' on a ladder and the legs slipped from under me on a deck. I fell, hitting my rib cage on the rail of the deck and my lungs arrested and I was out like a light. My crew members found me and one said he had two thoughts, "oh my gosh, I just witnessed somebody dying" and "I guess there goes my gig". I'm a pretty tough guy so I recovered fairly quickly but I was concerned because I had a new wife and a baby on the way. If something were to happen to me there would go all of our gigs, not just my guys. So I took that opportunity to step back from painting and started to run a business. 

I knew there had to be a better way to do this, but how? That's when my real education began. I stopped listening to free podcasts and reading the short know nothing blogs and dived in deep to real books about business. That first year of my "awakening" I read over 30 books covering topics from marketing and sales, to leadership and finances. I enrolled in online courses ran by some of the sharpest minds in the painting industry. I joined the PDCA. I started applying the principles of the things I was learning into the business and my sales started to soar. Once I decided I was all in on making this business my life's pursuit my sales doubled every single year and I started to effectively delegate tasks as I created systems for them. This allowed me to give myself a promotion. I no longer wanted to own my own job. I wanted to own and run a business. Life started to get easier. I could go on vacation and check my bank account and see money flowing in while I was gone.

You can do this too. Now is the time to create your own story. If you're reading this, chances are you've got a skill and talent for the work we're talking about. But skill and talent only get you so far. You need the business blueprint to build something bigger and that's what we have. We have the plan to take what you do to the next level while giving you more time and control over your life. I personally invite you to see what that journey will look like by exploring our program. Contact us to find out more about how you can become part of the Color Theory Team. I promise you'll love what we do!