Keep Track of job reservations and schedules


Assign & Track

Assign team members to specific jobs and keep track of them on the calendar. ColorBook can auto-assign team members to jobs as they come in. Adjust your schedule on the fly and even bill more hours.


Manage Your Team Schedule


Send job Specifications

When using ColorBook's job builder tool all of the details of the project will be put together in a work order pdf and sent to each crew member's email. Upload your own pdf's to share if you use another work order tool. Having the scope of the project in the palm of their hand keeps everybody on the same page.

share customer contact information and destinations

Put more responsibility into the hands of your team by giving them the contact information they need to be good customer service representatives. The contact information and destination information will come via email and text as well as on their calendar along with the reservation time.


Give start and end dates

Give your team clear start and end times so they don't go over time budget. The project will show up on their smart phone calendar giving them clear expectations on when to end and reminders on when their next project is set to begin.

Track progress and hours

As your team works steadily on projects give them benchmarks and progress meters to ensure they are on track. Record their hours and process their payments when the jobs are finished and the customer has paid.


Automated Payment Processing

No more chasing down invoices and checks. 


Accept down payments 

Accept money down to get your customer on the schedule. This can be a percentage or a set amount. ColorBook integrates with your Stripe account and will store the card information for final payment.


process final payments

When the job is completed, email confirmation will be sent to the customer ensuring they are satisfied. They'll be prompted to rate the performance of your crew and provide feedback, then the payment will be processed.


Disperse payments to team

Once the payment is made, the payment can be split up and set to different bank accounts. This is great for instances where your team or sales rep is paid a percentage of the job versus an hourly rate.


Think ColorBook can help you make more money and manage your team better? We do too! What are you waiting for?