Job Builder

This is where ColorBook really stands apart. We offer a customer facing online job builder giving your website the power to build accurate estimates driven by visitor inputs. It's easy to use and creates pricing for complex jobs with a lot of factors.

All of the pricing is based off of industry standard production rates and big data so it will give your website visiter the best sense of what their project will cost ever before you step foot on their property to inspect.


Pre-qualify your leads with online pricing

Why is that so key? When potential clients are getting bids, they either have the money in the bank or they don't. All too often you show up to a person's house to do work and they have no idea what it's worth or what it costs. They under value your work and immediately look for the cheapest bid. The reality is, they called for an estimate before they were ready to buy.

Unfortunately, while some people are just "kicking the tires", you are wasting time and money being with them. We believe your website can do that work for you making sure your customer sees that they can afford you before they schedule an appointment.

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Build then book

When the customer has done enough research for themselves to know whether they are in a place to call you or not, the system gives them the fast and easy option to schedule a confirmation appointment or color consultation, teeing you up to a knock out sale.

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Process down payments

Once the customer has built their project and has talked with you the consultant regarding final pricing, they can make a down payment and lock the job in.


Interested in seeing how this product works in action?