Custom Booking Sites

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As an ace consultant, scheduling appointments is the central logistical fulcrum that separates you from making money. Booking Sites are like advanced landing pages or websites that allow the prospective customer to book appointments directly on your digital calendar.

Send your leads to a place where they will convert

Landing pages, as good marketers know, are they best way to customize the experience for the customer in a way that feels tailored fit. 

When you run an advertising campaign via social media or search the cost per lead goes way down when you have somewhere for them to go. No Google Ad Words or Facebook Ads campaign can stand on solid ground without a landing page that converts.


Calendar Integrations

Integrate with your Google Calendar or Outlook and have appointments show up immediately on the calendar you are used to using. Block out times on your calendar and those times will be removed from your booking form in real time.


Versatile Scheduling

Book Appointments For Your Team

Whether you want to use use one booking form for multiple users or give each user their own booking site, ColorBook gives you the flexibility to schedule appointments for your team in a way that reduces administrative maintenance.

Calendar Integrations

Each team member can integrate their own calendar so that appointments show up on their phone calendar or computer in real time with all the information provided in the form. As long as they have a company or personal Google or Outlook account they can stay connected and manage their own schedules on a day to day basis.

Text & Email Notifications

Ensure your team stays up to date and arriving on time with text and email notifications. Notify them when a new booking occurs, when an appointment gets cancelled or reschedule; and also provide reminders so no one forgets. 


Website Integration

We embed the code from your booking forms directly into your Color Theory website to integrate seamlessly into your web conversion funnel. Optimizing your site for conversions and bookings will increase your leads and automate the process of follow up. 

Drastically reduce your time spent on chasing leads by having them book directly on your personal Color Theory website.


Get Your Own Booking Site And Start Booking Appointments Today