A Fresh New Brand for Interior Designers

Don’t go it alone. Get a brand and a plan to launch your design career on your terms.


Flexible Hours


Work From Home


Follow Your Dream


Design Opportunities are hard to find

Most jobs require too much of your time making it difficult to handle all of your other responsibilities.

Get the freedom of business ownership without the risk.

If it’s been hard getting traction on your own as an independent designer or being stuck in an agency isn’t your thing working as a Color Theory Consultant might be for you.

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Could this be your dream job?

Getting certified as a Color Theory Consultant has great perks!

  1. Determine your own schedule using our booking app

When a customer books a consultation, it shows up right on your iPhone or Android calendar! Only make yourself available when it fits around your (already) busy life.

2. Work from home when you’re not at an appointment

Before and after a consultation is done with a customer, a lot of the communication happens through phone and email—which you can do anywhere!

3. Become the designer you always wanted to be

As a Color Theory Consultant you’ll guide people through the selection of finishes creating beauty and earning great commissions on the sale of products and services.


Getting Started Is Easy


Step 1 - Work With A Color Theory Coach

Right from the start you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with a Color Theory Coach who will help you prepare for the opportunity to become a practicing Color Theory Consultant.



Step 2 - Come To The Live Training Workshop


We make our world class training systems available to all. Taking this seminar will give you the foundational skills needed to start building your personal brand and to turn sales into a creative process. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with local contractors.



Step 3 - Start Booking Appointments


Once your application is accepted and you become a certified Color Theory Consultant you become site ready and we turn on your personal ColorBook.Site. This site is your portal to booking appointments with clients and offering your products and services.


Get the best prices on products from industry leading vendors.


Not only do Color Theory Consultants get the best prices on products but all you have to do is pick the color and place the order. Everything else is handled by your administrative support team.


We Know The business of Paint & Design

With backgrounds in home services we know what it’s like to run a home service business. With years of experience we are dedicated to helping you develop a book of design business that can be ran on your schedule and from the palm of your hand.


Ready to change the trajectory of your career?

Our workshops held at a 3-Day Event in Bloomington, IN will completely transform the way you think of yourself as an interior designer.


Brand Your Person

In design school, you learned how to design but you may not have had the training for marketing yourself and the power of positioning yourself as a trusted consultant. Brand Your Person is our coaching program designed to give you the ongoing support you need to succeed. Come to day one of our workshop and walk away with a plan to find your next customer immediately.


The Color Theory Method

Getting in front of your target market is only part of getting work as a designer. Another thing they didn’t teach you in design school is how to sell. Using the Color Theory Method, we will walk you through the steps of consulting on finishes and selling products and services for great commissions. We’ll also teach you the philosophy behind the Color Theory Method.


The Sprint System

The last piece of the puzzle is how to work with contractors in a way that is organized and simple. On the third day of the event you will be in the room with local contractors and will be learning the same system for operating that will keep everyone informed and on the same page as you work toward the goal of helping your clients love their home.


Make Business Easy, Not Hard

Starting up your own business takes a huge amount of effort and if you’re doing it now you are probably spending 80% of your time working on getting things going and 20% of your time doing the thing you’re great at. Or at least it can feel that way. And that’s just not right. You should be able to focus on the things that bring you the most satisfaction and great work-life balance. 

If you continue to do this alone, you can expect to spend most of your time working on things that aren’t part of your core competency. You’ll get stuck in different ruts over and over again.

This could be costing you 100’s of thousands of dollars in annual growth every year. 

Don’t throw out a hundred grand so easily!

There is a better way.


Register for our Pre-Certification online seminar

This Pre-Certification Online Seminar lasts approximately one hour and is limited to 3 participants at a time. Spots are first come first serve. During the Seminar you will learn the power behind systems and branding and walk away with five things you can implement on day one that will make you more money. We’ll also talk about the opportunity to become a certified Color Theory Consultant.