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Turn-Key marketing Development 

Let’s get real. There isn’t enough time in the world to both work on the business and work in the business.

The more levers you have to pull and buttons you have to push to get your business moving forward is taking you away from serving your customers.

You need custom processes that fit the way you like to serve your customer. Not, cookie cutter coaching programs and one size fits all solutions.

We can help you design a better business.


Reclaim Your Time Through Personalized Marketing Development

Here’s How we deliver:

  1. Redesign and/or polish your business model.

  2. Build a toolset for you and your team to use to run business.

  3. Develop training modules to help you delegate key tasks.

  4. Lead out on the implementation and onboard process.

  5. Analyze the results and help you sustain the plan.


Step 1 - Request Business Assessment

Getting Started Is Easy

From the first call we start by adding value. We’ll ask a few question about your business and how it is currently running and then we will give you a free assessment on what we think will help you moving forward.



Step 2 - Consulting Phase


Next we will present a formal plan on what features of your marketing system need to be further developed. We will keep in contact via messaging and work together to define the scope of the initial phase.



Step 3 - Create Execution Calendar


Once the proposal is in place, we will create an execution calendar with key milestones for delivering the tools and modules necessary to make your business turn-key. When the materials are finished we’ll set a date for implementation for your entire team.


We Know Services

With backgrounds in home services we know what it’s like to run a home service business. With years of experience developing and implementing business models and marketing systems to get business automated and delegated we are dedicated to helping you develop a service business that can be ran anywhere from the palm of your hand.


What Makes Working With ColorBook Different?


Hone In On Your Business

We look at your business holistically and help you identify where you are losing business or operating poorly and we guide you through the development of new processes so that you don’t have to keep running a business with squeaky wheels.

We use the frameworks of proven business models in the 5 areas of Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Operations and Accounting and fill in the framework with solutions that custom fit your business. The goal is to build your business around your core strengths.


Build out the tools and modules

Every business whether that be a trade, home service or otherwise, needs tools to effectively do the work. When it comes to running the business through systems, sometimes you need customized tools that fit your operating procedures. 

The tools that we bring to the table are things like software, lead generating pdfs, marketing materials, custom training modules, and a network of business service providers and freelancers to help architect and build your business.


Execute Your Plan and sustain

Part of having a business that runs for you is being able to get your people running the system with as little effort as possible. To do this, we will design an automated onboard system that your team will be able to access as they perform their duties.

Over time, even the most effective systems in marketing and operations will become dull and outdated. Once we develop the systems we won’t leave you hanging. We will continue to analyze and iterate your model for constant improvement.


Make Business Easy, Not Hard

Right now as a business owner, you are probably spending all of your time doing everything. Or at least it can feel that way. And that’s just not right. You should be able to focus on the things that bring you the most satisfaction and great work-life balance. 

By not working with a business developer or marketing agency, you can expect to spend most of your time, working on things that aren’t your core competencies. You’ll get stuck in different ruts over and over again.

This could be costing you 100’s of thousands of dollars in annual growth every year. 

Don’t throw out a hundred grand so easily!

There is a better way.