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What can a branded system do for you?

Let’s get real. Building a business from scratch is incredibly difficult. Most fail to gain enough traction in the first year to pay the living expenses of the owner. Going from 0 to 60 is without a doubt the hardest stage of business.

Most people who start a business are very good at what they do, but the other stuff, like marketing, sales and managing money aren’t part of what they learned in design school.

A branded system starts you off with a brand and a business plan that will allow you to hit the ground running going from 60-100.

The Color Theory Paint & Design branded system gives you the freedom of business ownership without the risk.

Our initial online seminar will teach you about the benefits of using a branded system with practical knowledge that you’ll be able to start using today to build your client base and close jobs even if you never decide to become a Color Theory Consultant.


Built-in Administrative Support

Knowledge is one thing, but doing everything that business ownership requires is another.

Here’s How we deliver:

  1. Professionally developed marketing materials and strategies that you don’t have to pay to produce.

  2. Personal sales coaching and trouble shooting to help you price things accurately and overcome objections.

  3. Human Resource and Recruiting help to ensure you have access to a network of staff, vendors and suppliers.

  4. Operational processes and softwares to help you manage your day to day on the go.

  5. Cashflow management to help you focus more on helping the customer, not shaking them down for payment.


Getting Started Is Easy


Step 1 - Take Our Online Seminar

We make our world class training systems available to all. Taking this seminar will give you the foundational skills needed to start building your personal brand and to turn sales into a creative process. After this seminar you will find your voice as a design & craft influencer.



Step 2 - Work With A Color Theory Coach


After you complete our seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with a Color Theory Coach who will help you prepare for the opportunity to become a practicing Color Theory Consultant.



Step 3 - Start Booking Appointments


Once your application is accepted and you become a certified Color Theory Consultant you become site ready and we turn on your personal ColorBook Site. This site is your portal to booking appointments with clients and offering your products and services.


Get the best prices on products from industry leading vendors.


Not only do Color Theory Consultants get the best prices on products but all you have to do is pick the color and place the order. Everything else is handled by your administrative support team.


We Know The business of Paint & Design

With backgrounds in home services we know what it’s like to run a home service business. With years of experience we are dedicated to helping you develop a book of design business that can be ran on your schedule and from the palm of your hand.


What Makes Working With Color Theory Different?


Define Your Target Client

As a designer, your style is like your unique voice. Potential clients who are searching for design help will be looking at your portfolio and choosing you for your unique design voice.

However, the customer is still the hero of their own story. We will help you become the trusted guide and clearly define the best customer that will choose you for you.


Attract and convert leads

As a Color Theory Consultant, your personal brand is everything. We don’t want you to hide behind the Color Theory brand. Instead, the brand will act as a show case for your talent and portfolio.

Through a well crafted marketing funnel, a personal booking site and a slick suite of apps, booking leads will be easier than driving for Uber.


Execute your designs

Your designs won’t mean a thing if they don’t become a reality. Finding and coordinating with vendors and contractors is an essential function of being a Color Theory Consultant.

Running the Sprint Framework will help you stay organized and set up each design project for success with all of your suppliers and crews.


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Make Business Easy, Not Hard

Right now as a business owner, you are probably spending all of your time doing everything. Or at least it can feel that way. And that’s just not right. You should be able to focus on the things that bring you the most satisfaction and great work-life balance. 

If you continue to do this alone, you can expect to spend most of your time working on things that aren’t part of your core competency. You’ll get stuck in different ruts over and over again.

This could be costing you 100’s of thousands of dollars in annual growth every year. 

Don’t throw out a hundred grand so easily!

There is a better way.


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